Who is an architect? Choose to design the interior of the house by yourself.


Who is an architect? Architect or decorator Those who have the correct knowledge and principles in design, decoration and ultimately construction work. Besides the architect who designed it It is also an intermediary between the homeowner and the home worker Oh, I don’t have the money to hire, design it yourself. No design fees required: It is true That hires an architect to design a house And have to pay for the design for him, but friends try to figure it out Home is dwelling To rest after a tiring work For many people to have a house, it took many years to get it. So the house should be Already comfortable It is the address that can meet our needs. Many people think that the design itself is the answer, but when it comes to design, Design is not just about preferences. But it is a matter of translating feelings into concrete values Or simply called Is to bring the imagination created in the mind Coming out into real shape in our home And more importantly, home design, in addition to beauty, it also has a matter of functionality as well. But if the owner of the house Who do not have knowledge of design will design a house To be both beautiful in the style that you want And complete all functions would be very difficult. But it’s not that your friends I can’t design myself. It only takes a long time to study the information to find the book. Looking for examples of houses from various places Construction or decoration may be delayed than usual. Or decorate it out, it may not be the way you dreamed it can be But if friends Hiring friends architects or decorators will eliminate any problems in this matter. Because the architect has studied design well, has extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in bringing imaginations into shape. So my friends Try to compare. Between the design cost With the cost of time and may have to pay for repairs after the decoration is not beautiful as well. สถาปนิก


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