Get to know the career of interior designer and interior designer


Get to know the career of interior designer and interior designer to the fullest extent.  The professional definition of a decorator is interior design in various areas. Including building interior product design by combining knowledge and ideas in art, design, manufacturing and marketing to complete the construction. The decorator will have to work by defining details of the components. Lay out the plan of the design As well as supervising the work of interior decorators, for example designing and decorating interior spaces, residences, exhibitions and exhibitions Including the interior of the mall’s display cabinet Or areas within a motor vehicle, including ships or airplanes, buses, etc.… service for a steel stencil We can work with a decorator.

The nature of the work performed

The decorator is the person who thinks and plans the interior design of the building. Workplace or residence Which the decorator has to work with the employer in various stages With the following types of work

Make detailed notes for designing and creating work to meet customer needs. To impress and make it as eye-catching as possible

Conduct a study on the structure And calculate the price budget required for all interior design operations It is necessary to take into account the appropriate quality of the material. In order to be useful and meet indoor usage goals

Presenting budgets and drawings For customers to consider and make additional modifications

After the design has been completely edited. Therefore, the design can be forwarded to the mechanic to perform the work on the planned structure, for example, a steel welder or a carpenter, etc.

Conduct and coordinate with various departments Including systems that are involved in construction, interior design work

Give advice and discuss with technicians about the design scheme. In order to benefit the operation to meet the conditions of the contract.

The work

Usually, the design work of a decorator. Must perform internal work as well as outside the office In the operation sometimes it may be necessary to use a computer program to be used as an aid for interior design work in buildings and premises. To be more convenient and easy

Professional qualifications

The qualifications of those who will be able to pursue a career as a decorator include:

Have a qualification in the Faculty of Architecture Interior branch Bachelor degree

Be creative Unique And have careful work

Ability to apply various materials within the country and apply them to the design work appropriately and for maximum benefit.

Have skills in applying computer software to create designs.

Self discipline And have an understanding of business services

Have the ability to work with others Can work as a team Including having good human relations with colleagues

Have vision and enthusiasm for developing one’s own abilities and knowledge.

Know and study resources for purchasing materials and raw materials.

Able to design the interior correctly according to the principles and the needs of the customer. Both in terms of safety and budget, reasonable price

Career advancement opportunities

A progressive opportunity for a career as a decorator in the government sector. That is, the position will be promoted according to the skill and ability of the workers in the department that is affiliated Until it could be promoted to the director’s position if the decorator could develop a better performance As for an independent decorator, he can run his own business. And expand the business to grow more and more according to the ability

Difference between architect and decorator

Architects are the people who are responsible for the design of both the exterior and interior construction of the building. That need to consider the design taking into account the environment, including the style of the building To be consistent with the direction of the sun, wind, rain, weather and focus on the most beneficial to the user, for example, the design of the thoroughfare, open area, usable area, window, door or overhang of the eaves, etc. In the design of the furniture layout for the interior directly But the basic furniture placement is important to learn in order to be able to locate the plugs and switches. To have a relationship with the furniture and the use of the residents

The decorator is responsible for the interior design of the building after the architect. In which the design and layout must be made for the placement of furniture in the room Choice of color Wall decoration Selection of wall covering materials Including decorating the room with various materials to be beautiful, including selection of rugs, lamps, curtains, cabinets and counters But in some cases, it may need to be dismantled in order to modify the internal structure to be suitable for installing furniture, for example, demolishing the ceiling to create a level design, making hidden lights or demolishing to create a new bathroom. Hiring an architect to do the design together with the decorator is a way to reduce the problem. Helping the construction work to be completed easily. And faster

The resolution of the job scale between the career of decorator and architect.

Career decorator It is a profession that is responsible for interior design work by gathering and conveying ideas and proposals of customers. Designed to be the result that meets the needs and the most useful. It is a work that has a more detailed scale than an architect Even if it is a house interior design work The style of the work usually needs more subtlety. In order to be able to create works to meet the personal taste of the residents as possible.

The occupation of the architect It is a profession that is responsible for building design by examining requirements. Including the intended use from the employer And then use to design and create the works that are most suitable for building users In the design, architects have to consider both functionality, beauty and the direction of the sunshine. After that, we will present our work to customers and develop the construction drawings further. In the final step, the architect will need to bring out a request. Consisting of an architectural model and a structural engineering model to apply for a building permit with the government Then, it will be able to complete the construction by working with a team of engineers who are responsible for designing and calculating the structural proportions for construction work.

At present, the economic conditions have changed. As a result, the construction and real estate industries have a negative financial impact that must be used in construction investments. Design professionals have to penetrate the target customer market. To design and create works to be more specific, for example, designing products for appliances, furniture or toys, exercise equipment for health, etc. ออกแบบบ้าน


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