Elements that affect the quality of the home The quality of the home must


Elements that affect the quality of the home The quality of the home must be born from the elements.

The quality of the home must be due to the following 4 key elements:


1. Design

The design is the starting point. And is the key to building a house Because the design of the house identifies the shape and size of the house, its structure, from the foundation of the piles, including the laying of columns and beams, to the specifications and materials to be used. Building a house must abide by the requirements. And various details That appears in a basic form If the design is not good or the specification is wrong. The house that comes out will also go wrong with its design.


Such as determining the wrong size of rebar The misalignment of the piles, the design of columns and beams that are not related to Loading weight, etc. These errors can cause damage to the house. In terms of form, structure and strength In addition, editing later may be difficult. Therefore, there should be a study of the house design around the cob before building a house, or at least it should be used. Designer’s house Where the work has a standard And has been trusted in Building a house before


2. Selection of materials

The materials used in the construction of the house are important to the house in conjunction with the design of the house. Because in each house style Almost all relevant materials are already listed in the edition. The only exception is some material in terms of aesthetics, which may be omitted for the homeowner Specify more on your own later The materials used will directly affect the quality of the home. Therefore, the selection of quality materials inevitably results in a stable home. And has a long service life No repairs and repairs often later.


Especially materials that must be fixed to the building Or as part of the building Or can be difficult to change later There should be an education And special consideration, for example, choosing the type of water pipes, water pipes, electrical conduits, folding houses, doors, doorknobs, roof and ceiling materials, etc. These things, if homeowners have the opportunity to study and find information. And having the opportunity to choose or participate in the assignment would be very helpful. It will help the house that is planted to fully utilize the needs of the residents. It also has a long service life.


3. Building steps and processes

The building process and process is another important issue that many people may or may not be as important as it is. Should, because I think Everything, if you follow the pattern, it should be enough. Indeed, no matter how well the house is designed or how good quality materials are selected. If the construction steps or processes are not performed correctly, it may cause serious adverse effects on that house, such as improper concrete mixing, weak steel roof joints. Giving the floor to the load when the concrete used in the concrete has not fully hardened, painting without cleaning the surface first, etc.


These all affect the quality of the home in terms of functionality. And beauty, it is often difficult to prevent these problems from occurring. Because it requires close supervision from many parties for a long period of time From the beginning of planting the house until the completion But reducing this problem can be done by choosing a skilled and reliable contractor, while the homeowner should have some education or at least take the time to look after it. Building a house Even though these things are causing trouble And waste some time in the first period But if you get a home that is neat and of the expected quality, the residents will be able to live happily for a long time.


4. Craftsmanship


A beautiful, neat and well built house will surely fascinate anyone who sees or visitors. And create happiness and pride for homeowners or residents Building each house requires knowledge of both the technical And art at the same time Or in other words Must have both science And the arts blend together A house that lacks artistry In building construction, such as laying tiles that are out of alignment or leaving the room too far away Non-scene or wall construction Wavy Door groove Or the window is too large, the installation of the lamp is tilted or not aligned, etc. is true, although these Will still be able to use it, but the house that was Could not be called Complete home Make home owners or residents May still have hidden grievances


To prevent these problems, homeowners can do this by looking at several examples of completed houses and comparing them together. And consult with the contractor for details in the desired point So that building houses are done with great care Which will help solve Or reduce these problems If you let the problem first and then think about it later, there may be only one solution left – to accept the condition.


As mentioned above, all of this is in order to be able to know that What qualities should a good home or a good quality house qualify for? What are the elements of a good home to help the owner or the reader see a wider picture of home building? And to be a guideline for considering the needs of each person that they want to get a house And how to get the desired results Because planting a house or buying a house each may refer to The use of money that has been accumulated throughout life and home can be a precious treasure that will last a lifetime. And get involved in the steps As far as opportunity allows, it will help make a home that has Complete value And get results as your heart desires ออกแบบบ้าน


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